A group coaching program to help you stop analyzing your relationship so you can confidently move forward.


You need to know that…

There is no such thing as a perfect relationship.

I know I know, the romcom loving girlie in me was truly devastated when I learned this...

Yet society conditions us to:
  • find our Prince(ss) Charming, our “one true love”
  • constantly compare our relationship to others
  • adapt a “grass is greener over there” mentality
  • believe something is wrong if our relationship isn’t like the movies or what we see on someone else's social media 

We are made believe that we are in the “wrong” relationship if we don’t know 100% without a doubt that our partner is the one we should be with forever.

But what if you have doubts?

If you are in a healthy* long-term relationship yet you are constantly questioning your choice…

And your partner is amazing yet you often worry:

  • Are they “the one”? How do I know for sure?
  • Shouldn’t I be happier? Am I settling?
  • Is there someone better for me out there?
  • Do I love them enough?
  • Are we too different?
  • Is my intuition trying to tell me something?

Please know you're not alone.

I know how confusing and overwhelming this can feel.

And, it often feels like no one understands what you are going through.

*this program is not a fit for those in abusive relationships

How do I know this? Well, I've been there. 

I was in the best relationship of my life but felt confused…

My partner is amazing, and thinking of losing him felt awful...

Yet my mind also felt split. It was like I had an angel on one shoulder ("don't mess this up, this is a wonderful relationship")...

And a devil on the other ("you're making a mistake, this isn't right")...

No one in my life seemed to get it, so I thought something was wrong...

I saw other people making seemingly easy commitments to get engaged or married...

Yet when I thought about doing the same, I experienced extreme anxiety.

(You know, the chest tightening and my stomach churning)

Relationship anxiety distracted me from work and being present in my life.

At the time, I thought my only options were:

  1. stay in the relationship and experience doubts forever
  2. leave the relationship and risk missing out on the love of my life

I didn’t see any other choices...

But neither option sat well with me.

After a major breakthrough moment, I realized I needed to take responsibility and find my own answers.

Know this: you are not alone. Relationship anxiety is much more common than you think.

But it’s not being spoken about enough…

Which is why I am on a mission to change that.

In sharing my story, I've built up a community of over 100,000 people who feel the exact same way…

And my courses, webinars, and coaching programs have helped 750+ people navigate their doubts and move forward with clarity and confidence.

Today, I feel more secure, optimistic and confident in my relationship than I ever imagined was possible for me.

I went from being anxious and confused to confidently engaged...and I want to help you find the same confidence and clarity. 

I was able to say goodbye to…

  • intrusive thought spirals that had me laying awake at 3am thinking we have to break up
  • anxious texts to my friends asking to talk me off the ledge
  • Google searches to try and confirm we were meant to be together 

I went from being clouded by doubt and fear to being content (peacefully happy) in my healthy relationship.

I now know exactly how to navigate doubts if they show up.

And I want to help you do the same.

This is why I created Beyond the Doubts group coaching program.


This is the support system you need alongside you as you show relationship anxiety who's the boss around here...


Just imagine what it would feel like to:


Know exactly what to do when moments of relationship anxiety arise so you can take your power back from the anxious thoughts and feelings


Feel loved and supported by a group of kind, caring women sharing their experiences - seeing evidence first-hand that you're not alone in this. 


Trust that you're in the right relationship for you, that you can handle future moments of anxiety, and that you will be kind to yourself along the way


Beyond the Doubts is for you if…

✔ You want your relationship to work out, yet anxious thoughts like “do I love them?” and “am I settling?" keep popping up

✔ You want know exactly what to do when anxiety arises instead of feeling so overwhelmed

✔ You are ready to feel more grateful for your partner instead of fixating on the things that bother you

✔ You want to connect with other women who think and feel the same ways you do because no one else you know seems to have these doubts

✔ You want nothing more than to trust that you're making the right decision by being in this relationship


Beyond the Doubts may not be for you if…

✖ You are suffering with severe PTSD or trauma (I recommend one-to-one support from a therapist)

✖ Most of your anxious thoughts include: “does my partner love me enough? what if they cheat?" (this was only a small part of my experience)

Ready to start your journey of navigating relationship anxiety alongside other inspiring, like-minded women?


What's Included:

My signature digital course + its resources

Deconstruct The Doubts

The information + tools that helped me go from doubting my relationship to being all-in packaged together.

Lifetime access to 50+ educational videos, a guided implementation workbook to help you build self-trust and self-awareness, and a resource library with the tools and information you need to navigate relationship anxiety confidently.

We go through the course as a group and follow a weekly schedule.

[VALUE: $2,091]
Private Voxer Chat

9 weeks of group messaging

Ask me anything and get real-time relationship anxiety support in-between sessions. You'll receive tangible tools, reframes, and insights to use in your relationship.

This will help you take action in the moment and start practicing what you learn right away so it becomes second-nature.

Plus, the group message is an invaluable opportunity to connect with the other women so you're not left feeling alone for having relationship anxiety. 

[VALUE: $2,100]
Group Calls

Weekly Group Coaching Calls

9 x 75-minute Group Coaching + Q&A Calls.

I’ll coach you by asking questions that help you trust yourself and your inner wisdom and invite you to question beliefs that I see are not helping you.

You’ll leave our sessions with new tools and reframes to help you show up confidently in your relationship for the next week (and beyond).

Calls are Tuesdays at 12pm EST/6pm CET for 75 minutes beginning October 17th!

[VALUE: $2,700]

Lifetime access 

Lifetime access to the course and all resources and recordings so you can easily revisit what you learned in our 9 weeks together to deepen the insights and understandings you've gained!


TOTAL VALUE: $6,791+

Pay In Full


Save $50

3 Monthly Payments



5 Monthly Payments



My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

My guarantee to you is that if you go through the whole 9 weeks of Beyond the Doubts; attend every call, complete Deconstruct the Doubts digital course, go through all the resources, and do not feel that the support, information and materials I’ve provided have helped you navigate relationship anxiety with more confidence - you will get a full refund.

Healing your relationship doubts alongside a safe, supportive community of women who *get it* is invaluable.

Disclaimer: This experience is not meant to replace individual therapy, but provide deeply impactful insights and tools to help you on your journey alongside a group of others who understand you and are sharing similar experiences.