Ready to confidently move forward without constantly questioning if you’re settling in your relationship?


Let me guess…

You’ve found yourself emerging from 3-hour TikTok rabbit holes where you’ve seen #relationshipgoals everywhere and wondered…

  • “is this really all my relationship will be?”
  • “it seems like they are way happier than we are”
  • “…am I settling?”
  • “why isn’t my relationship like that?”

Not to mention, in that same 3-hour rabbit hole you saw videos saying:

  • “never settle!”
  • “you deserve so much better!
  • “if you have to question if you’re settling or not…you are”

I know that the question of “am I settling?” can bring up a lot of confusion and frustration—especially for all my high-achievers out there who want to excel at everything they do (relationships included).

The last thing we want is to live a life where we’re not fulfilling our potential, right?

Well let’s settle (see what I did there…) this question so you can confidently move forward and begin creating the fulfilling life you desire.

This webinar covers:

what it means (and doesn’t mean) to settle so you can clearly distinguish between feelings of relationship anxiety and settling

 how relationship anxiety distorts our perception of a relationship so you know what to look out for in your own relationship

which core fears are behind the thought “am I settling?” so you know how to respond to these fears when they come up

how to create your own definition of settling that feels helpful

how to begin creating a more fulfilling relationship and life

…and more!

This webinar is for you if…

 you would like guidance in answering the question "is it anxiety, or am I settling?" for yourself

✔ you want to appreciate your partner more + compare your relationship to other people’s less

✔ you’re ready to begin building the relationship and life of your dreams without constantly questioning yourself

✔ you want to feel "two feet in" not "one foot out"

your thoughts center around "do I love them enough or am I settling for less than I deserve?"

This webinar may not be for you if…

✗ you are suffering with severe PTSD or trauma and desire one-to-one support from a therapist or coach

✗ the majority of your anxious thoughts include: “does my partner love me enough? what if they leave me or cheat?" (this wasn't my experience or the lens I will coach from in this webinar)

you are looking for one-to-one support - this is a live webinar, and does not come with any private coaching

What is included with your purchase?

  • Immediate + Lifetime access to the webinar recording
    • Approx. 60 minutes of presenting + 30 minutes of Q&A

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$27 USD

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About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah Yudkin, the founder of You Love and You Learn and a relationship anxiety coach who’s passionate about helping you feel content (peacefully happy) in your relationship.

I went from feeling anxious, doubtful, and uncertain in my own relationship to feeling a deeper sense of commitment, fulfillment, and optimism than I dreamed was possible. Since then, I have helped over 750 people from 35 countries through online coaching, courses, and webinars.

The amazing You Love and You Learn online community consists of over 220,000 people on a journey to show up more intentionally in their relationships.

Answer the question “is it anxiety, or am I settling?” today.