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Is this you?


You're in a healthy relationship that you want to work but can’t stop asking yourself:
  • "How can I be sure this is the right relationship?"
  • "Is this anxiety a sign that we’re really not compatible?"

If so, please know you are not alone! 

These are some of the most-asked questions I receive as a relationship anxiety coach, and the reason I hosted this webinar.


As someone who used to ask myself "is it relationship anxiety, or incompatibility?" often, but now feels confident and fulfilled in my relationship, I wanted to be able to help you answer answer the question with more ease and less confusion.

I know how frustrating it is to hear hundreds of different opinions floating around on what makes up “the right” relationship on social media these days, and it can be really hard to clear the noise and think for yourself…

You have the answers within, my friend. You may just need some guidance.


What this webinar covers:
  • what is relationship anxiety and why does it show up?
  • discussing core fears that often arise in loving, healthy relationships
  • what is a healthy, loving relationship?
  • answering the question: "how do we differentiate between relationship anxiety or genuine concerns about the relationship?"
  • Incompatibility Indicator Framework to help you determine: what may be an incompatibility, what may not be, and everything in between
  • answering the question: “is there such this as The One/the “right” relationship?"

This webinar is for you if…

  • you would like guidance in answering the question "is it anxiety, or incompatibility?" for yourself 
  • you feel guilty for how much you worry about your relationship and want to shift out of this behavior
  • you’re tired of all of your energy going into worries about your relationship
  • you want to feel "two feet in" not "one foot out" in (or out) of your relationship
  • your thoughts center around "do I love them enough?"

This webinar may not be for you if…

  • you are suffering with severe PTSD or trauma and desire one-to-one support from a therapist or coach
  • the majority of your anxious thoughts include: “does my partner love me enough? what if they leave me or cheat?" (this wasn't my experience or the lens I coach from in this webinar)
  • you are looking for one-to-one support - this is a webinar recording, and does not come with any private coaching

What is included with your purchase?

  • Webinar recording, which includes 60 minutes of presenting + 45 minutes of Q&A 
    • NOTE: this is not a live session, just the recording
  • Resource list mentioned in the webinar

*Immediate and lifetime access to webinar and resource list

"Relationship anxiety or incompatibility?"

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About Me

Hi, I’m Sarah Yudkin, the founder of You Love and You Learn and a relationship anxiety coach who’s passionate about helping you feel content (peacefully happy) in your relationship.

I went from feeling anxious, doubtful, and uncertain in my own relationship to feeling a deeper sense of commitment, fulfillment, and optimism than I dreamed was possible. Since then, I have helped over 750 people from 35 countries through online coaching, courses, and webinars.

The amazing You Love and You Learn online community consists of over 220,000 people on a journey to show up more intentionally in their relationships.

Answer the question "is it relationship anxiety, or incompatibility?" with confidence and clarity...